Latest Kurta Designs For Mens

Ahlan Najlun Nabilun! Let’s have a logical opening before you get to know about something exciting:

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”.

Being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion, honestly speaking. Clothes speak a language that only a handful of people understand. You are what you wear, then wear something that discriminates you from others. If you know the fabric of the cloth, you got the idea and sense of style. It all moves around the fine and smooth quality of cloth. This cool-season, if you are wandering for something warm then let me introduce you “KHADDAR”.

Khaddar is a plain fine cloth that prefers your comfort in winter if you prefer Khaddar. In Pakistan, there is a city named Kamalia that is famous for its cloth khaddar. This city is the house of smooth khaddar. You can easily get unstitched dresses from here. See how easily you got the option, no worries left. If you choose unstitched cloth over stitched ones, it will be more useful, then you can go to your tailor and can give instructions to him to stitch a Kurta that is really of your size.

 You can stitch the cloth in the shape and style that you want to wear this season. Style should always be elegant and attention fetching. And it can only be possible if you visit the recommended Hub for “Kamalia Khaddar Winter Collection”. You will be amazed to check out their seasonal collection. They got the glossy khaddar collection. You must have to give it a style-changing chance.

 It is surely worth of to add your wardrobe. You can either turn the cloth into a handsome kurta, shirt or something else which you want for your keen self.


Let me make it easy to go for you by dropping suggestions down here about different kurta styles:

1- Casual wear kurta

  • A Kurta is a long overlying garment, generally with full sleeves and a nice collar.
  • It keeps a long strap on the very front of it on which sophisticated buttons are attached.
  • Kurta has loose-fitting and wore with kinds of basal wears such as Churidar pajama, simple salwar, chunat salwar, etc.
  • You can also make it better by adding some karahi on the collar, ban, or around the button strap.
Casual Wear Kurta
Casual Wear Kurta

2- Wedding wear kurta

  • Wedding kurtas are slightly heavy, having some small stonework upon them.
  • Bright color kurtas are matched with light-colored bottom wears to make a vibrant stunning look.
  • Wedding kurtas shift the frame of the eyes of viewers by attracting them.
  • You can match different palette colors to make contrasting pairs.
Wedding Wear Kurta
Wedding Wear Kurta

3- Occasional wear kurta

  • Occasional wear Kurtas are made with fabrics like Brocade, Linen, Silk, etc., and added with garnishing.
  • A jacket can be worn on top of Kurta to transform into a stylish suit.
Occasional wear kurta design
Occasional Wear Kurta

4- Pathani wear kurta

  • Among kurtas for men, pathani kurta is a bit different. It has pockets on the upper side unlike the other men’s kurta while the length extends till knees.
  • You can make pathani kurta by using khaddar fabric for any family event.
Pathani wear kurta design
Pathan Wear Kurta

5- Ethnic kurta

  • Ethnic kurta for men adds a pinch of fashion to the traditional outfit.
  • You can also make it more prominent by wearing a contrast waistcoat.
Ethnic kurta
Ethnic Kurta

6- Half Sleeves Striped Kurta

  • Half sleeves kurta really looks stunning.
  • It is unusual, unlike full sleeves kurta.
  • Fabric can also be turned into a half sleeve’s kurta according to comfort.
Half Sleeves Striped Kurta
Half Sleeves Striped Kurta

7- Plus size kurta

  • The cloth is enough that you can make a large size kurta if you are a plus size.
  • Being a plus-size doesn’t mean you can not style yourself. Just visit the recommended place to get plenty of designs that suits you and make you feel less bulky.
Plus size kurta
Plus Size Kurta

8- Polka dots kurta

  • Polka dots are light small circles on a dark plain background. The kurta made from this type of fabric suits very well to anybody.
  • It can be white dots on black cloth or any other light color dots on dark cloth.
  • You can match the bottom wear with dots on the kurta and wear casually.
Polka dots kurta
Polka Dots Kurta

9- Floral print kurta

  • Looking for an outfit that acts as an addition to your unique personality then check out for colored floral printed kurta.
  • The unusual color combination and design of the kurta make it worth of trying.
  • It can be made more elegant by adding button placket placement.
Floral print kurta
Flora Print Kurta

10- V shape neck kurta

  • If you keep wide shoulders and a muscular body with a nice collar bone then you must try v shape neck kurta to flaunt a little about your body.
  • Buttons can be added to the side of the v shape neck to make the kurta more dramatic and good-looking.
V shape neck kurta
V Shape Neck Kurta

11- Winter Checks kurta

  • The woven checks kurta features a black shade with a mandarin collar, long sleeves, and a straight hemline. It is worthy of wear at weddings and winter outdoor events.
  • The super-soft outfit is a must-have in your wardrobe to stay prepared for all seasons.
Winter Checks Kurta
Winter Checks Kurta

12- Partywear kurta

  • The silk Kurta for men is attention fetching.
  • An inexplicable combination of silver and black makes prominent your personality.
  • For more combinations of color, you can go with the nominated place.
  • Check out the intricate detailing of the fabric that looks textured, but has a soft feel.
Partywear kurta
Partwear Kurta

13- Plain kurta

  • Check out for decent blue Kurta that is obvious for small gatherings.
  • This style of kurta lends a clean and sophisticated look without crossing the margin.
  • The outfit is free from any kind of embroidery, and the only thing that stands out is itself.
  • The light-weight Khaddar Kurta can be best paired with a fitting Churidar pajama to escalate your body form.
Plain Kurta
Plain Kurta

14- Embroidered kurta

  • It’s a kind of little heavy kurta for wedding wear.
  • The collar and cuffs are made fancy by using light stones and karahi.
  • This kurta gives you a handsome look at events.
  • You should add this one to your decent wardrobe.
Embroidered kurta
Embroidered kurta

 15- Long Kurta with Collar

  • When you are indecisive you should select a navy blue kurta in a long shape.
  • If you want to become more prominent and enhanced in a gathering then make a pair of them with white plain pajamas. It will give you a more elegant look than any other outfit.
Long Kurta with Collar
Long Kurta with Collar

Attempt these few but well-proportioned styles of kurta for men and experience a different and stylish look. These kurta styles are for all men and can be short or long. You can have the kurta for any event wear either casual or occasional. Grooms can also select traditional kurta for their big day. Kurta having embroidery, buttons, clear stones on the collar, ban and cuffs can make you feel royal. Short kurtas can also be worn with regular jeans for outings.

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